Why do you need a Financial Plan?

Its very simple!!
You need a Doctor to take care of your medical ailments, a Lawyer to take care of any legal matters, a Chartered Accountant to take care of your accounts and taxes…Then why not a Specialist to take care of your Finances?
The very same Finances which are going to pay you doctors’ and lawyers’ fees!!!
And just like you pay your doctor, paying fees to your financial advisor makes him accountable to you.

Specialization is the key to improvisation
With over a thousand Mutual Fund Schemes and over thirty five Insurance Companies (life and general) with an average of fifteen products each….life in the Financial Lane isn’t all that simple. How many magazines will you read? How many websites will you refer to? How many products will you compare on parameters you don’t fully comprehend?

I have found the best product!
Also, investments is not about finding the product which gives the highest return and investing in it. The returns of the product need to be evaluated with respect to the products’ risk profile. And before investing in the product it is necessary to match the same to your risk profile, time horizon and the product’s fit in your portfolio.
Why not just dial in the Specialist…

It’s not about how much you earn
The amount one earns is irrelevant. Financial planning is a need for all sizes. Judicious management of your expenses and credit, and regular investment of your surplus can help you build a surprisingly sizeable corpus.

You have worked hard to earn your money; it’s time to make your money work hard for you.