About Us

With a household saving rate of over 30 per cent, India understands the merits of saving over current consumption. Unlike much of the Western world, where getting people to save is an issue, the bottleneck for India is the conversion of this saving into efficient investments.

A large part of this money is in low-yielding assets like bank deposits and traditional insurance products. This is mainly because financial literacy in India is a meagre 2%. Without proper knowledge about the financial products how can one make the right decision with respect to investments?

We attempt to fill this void. With proper advice, the savings can be channelled to appropriate avenues to produce the most effective results based on the risk profile and return requirements of each individual.

In addition to managing clients’ portfolios, our focus is on Financial Education to increase our reach to a larger audience. For this we have designed a number of Workshops to cater to a related group of individuals. We also strive to cultivate the habit of saving among individuals at a young age to help them reap the compounding benefits of an early start.