Advisory Services from Wealth Cafe are offered with a single focus: YOU.

FINANCIAL PLANNING: As Independent Financial Planners our core offering is the Complete Financial Plan.

A Plan to give vision to your dreams.

A Plan to lay the path to your dreams.

A Plan to keep a track on the progress towards your dreams.

A Plan to achieve your dreams.

A Plan to celebrate life.


WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Wealth is more than just money. It means different things to different people. From the Agrarian Age to the Industrial Age to the current Information Age, the definition of what constitutes wealth undergone a sea change.

Earlier it was Land ownership which was the sole measure of wealth. Today an idea is Money. There are so many stories of rags to riches in a duration of a 2-3 years and stories of millionaires in their twenties!

Because of the dynamic Financial environment we live in, managing this wealth has gained paramount importance. The complex tax and legal haven’t made things any easier.