FinPlan Workshops

Financial Literacy is the need of the hour today. With Savings not being a problem in India, what is required is converting these Savings into Effective Investments to meets your goals.

Lack of any formal education on how one must Manage Money has resulted in many people losing their hard earned money. Among these there are two kinds of people; those who know that they have made a mistake. And there are those who haven’t even realised the mistake they have made and live in the bliss of ignorance.

At Wealth Cafe, we have designed the workshops based on the target audience:

  1. An Open Workshop: Financial Well being: Learn to Protect and Grow your Wealth.
  2. For First-time Earners: Well Begun is Half Done.
  3. For Women: You and Wealth.
  4. For those On the Threshold of Retirement: Retire Rich. Live Wealthy.
  5. For Students: Early Wealth Fundas.

Each of the above Workshops can designed to be for one day or half a day based on your specific requirements. These sessions are charged on a per session basis and would be conducting the session at your premises. The recommended number of participants per workshop is thirty.

If you want a Workshop to be conducted in your organisation, please contact Harsh Vardhan Dawar (Email: / call: +91 97699 03330).