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She and Wealth

Making Women Financially Empowered.

Did you know that women in India are paid 25% less than men?

Do you know that only 9% working women save and invest their money?

Do you know that the inheritance rights are not the same for women?

We teach women all the financial concepts that impacts them and will help them grow their wealth leading to their financial independence and well-being. We have curated financial concepts which would help “HER” to lead a financially successful life

We want women to understand about finances and reap the benefits as stated below.

Financial Independence

Knowing how to invest your money so that your money works for you is one of the most important skill set for attaining financial independence.


Let's change the notions that people have about the ways in which women handle/manage their money. Learning about this will only empower you and make you successful.

Self- Management

Learning about taking smart spending decisions, managing your salary/income. avoiding credit cards and debts is part of self-management and financial sustainability.

Know your rights

Know the benefits and cons in the various laws for being a women and how that would impact your financial decisions.