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Wealthy Millennial

Money Management training for millennial in their way

More than 1 in 3 Indians live paycheck to paycheck. How are you living?

68% Millennial in India have atleast one credit card, but do they know how to use one?

60% of Millennial have not started to invest for their retirement. Do you think its too early

52% Millennial have personal loans. Are you also borrowing to fulfill your spending needs. 

Our workshops will help you understand the above questions and statistics. We want to train you on the basics of money management skills so you can lead a life that you want and also benefit as mentioned below:

Early Retirement

Retiring at an age that you want to retire at and not working till the age of 65 is possible only when you know about financial knowledge and apply it regularly.

Experience over things

Taking that vacation, travelling to the most amazing places, experiencing new things is what millennial wants. Good financial knowledge and a strong base will help you learn how to do all of this.


When you are financially stable and have enough savings only then will you be able to quit your 9 to 5 job to take the plunge and start your business that you always wanted to.

Zero Dependency

If you do not want to depend on your parents (earlier) and your children (tomorrow), then avoid depending on loans (today).