Young and Independent

You are revelling in the joy of your first pay cheque.
With no dependents, no responsibilities, no pre determined allocations you are free to use the money as you want.

What will you do with it?
Party with friends.
Buy gifts for your folks at home.
Splurge on clothing.
Buy the expensive watch you always wanted.

How about starting some investments?
While enjoying the present, also planning for a cosy future ahead.

You are the independent youth with a long career ahead. You can take more risks with your investments to build a corpus for yourself ahead. Start out early and take the maximum benefits of compounding of returns on your investments. Starting with small amounts, you can regularise your investments to achieve your:

Near term goals like:

  • Repaying your education loan.
  • Buying your first car.
  • That holiday abroad, which now looks like a possibility.
  • Building a corpus for your own marriage.

And Long term targets like:

  • Building a corpus for buying a home.
  • Maybe setting aside small amounts for your retirement.

“Start Early, Drive Slowly, And Reach Safely.”

Follow this motto with respect to planning and organising your finances and you will go a long way in realising you goals.

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