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Personal Finance Workshops

Achieve Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is the state of your mind (and your bank account) where you are not constantly worrying about money. This can be achieved through first 'knowing' and then taking the required 'actions'.

Personalised Workshops

Each of our workshops are designed to meet the specific requirements of the audience as no size fits all. It's a lot so fun and play with the underlying idea of learning to manage your wealth.

Develop Money Management Skills

Learn and instill everyday money management skills in areas including saving, investing, managing credit, tax planning among others. See the affect of small changes snowball into substantial wealth creation avalanche.

Expert Trainers

Qualified trainers (qualifications including CA, CFA®, FRM®) with over ten years of experience who are extremly passionate about sharing financial knowledge and to help you grow your wealth.

Glimpses of our Workshops

Snaps of engagements, interactions, and discussions that happen during the money management workshops.

Our Values

The underlying values make our workshops unique and an instant hit with our attendees.



Knowledge is Power. We live by this each day and deliver this to you through our super charged workshops.

Goal Based

We are very focused to help you achieve your goals to achieve financial independence.


Our trainings are focused towards equipping you with the tools to help you grow your wealth.


Our workshops are specially designed keeping in mind your requirements and aspirations.

Stay Updated

We use social media and technology to keep you updated and focused on your path to wealth creation.


The trust that the participants of our past workshops have in us has been a big motivator for us.






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